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Torridge House Farm Cottages Situated in gardens flush with magnificent trees, corners to explore, wide open spaces, private, relaxing, sociable, close to nature. In Little Torrington, you're not far away from good food, sandy beaches, cycling, walks, fishing, surfing, history, forests, gardens, nature reserves, market towns and family attractions. Plus close by is Jax's potters' wheel, Marina's therapies and village hall skittles.

Relaxing and relishing being in the countryside. Feeding and caring for animals, taking a dip in the summer heated swimming pool, table tennis, pool etc in the games room, books and games in the library, gardens great for barbecues, star gazing and football - there is lots to do at Torridge House Cottages.

read more › One of the animal houses has little chairs and a large low table where children can hold and watch the animals, older children can sit anywhere with an animal. This house has 8 animal pens. Children are given little beakers with animal food and handfuls of hay to take to their designated pen(s). They can fill jugs to fill water bowls. The other animal house has a large pen where children who can sit still, can sit on small stools to watch and be with the animals. There is also chairs in the house where children can sit with an animal.

read more › The surrounding panorama of green scenery, woodlands and pastureland, inspire us all. Whether we wheelbarrow to the compost heap, star gaze, bird watch or help feed and care for animals. Eco towels, washing lines, airers, eco cleaning materials, eco light bulbs, double glazing, bike storage and wind breaks, all are provided!

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