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Best Let Properties Private landlords of student accommodation since 1984, we provide best quality, affordable housing in Winton, Charminster and Central Bournemouth. I've spent two years using Peter and Jo at BestLet and I absolutely made the right choice. Both houses were really clean and comfortable, and they were always incredibly responsive to any issues we had.

Would highly recommend! Loved my year living in the BestLet property - mine and all my housemates' rooms were so lovely, and the communal area was warm and cosy. After my placement year I definitely intend to move back into a property with Peter and Jo, they are great landlords! I was an individual looking for a room and really struggling. I came across BestLet and they were so helpful in finding me a room at one of their properties.

I met a great bunch of people and had a really great year in a lovely house. The kitchen had been recently refurbished and was gorgeous. I have since signed up for another year with the same group in a different BestLet property and I can't wait for it.

read more › We started as private landlords in 1984 and have been offering affordable accommodation for students in Bournemouth ever since. Offering several properties in the thriving student areas of Winton and Charminster, as well as a few options right in the town centre - a stone's throw from the beach! We have been married for 30 years and have four children who have all been through the University experience. Our aim is to maintain our family focus throughout your entire tenancy and to provide complete comfort whilst you spend your university years making these houses your homes!

read more › We do not supply any crockery, so it is advisable that you bring your own plates, cutlery, mugs, pots, pans etc. Bedding is also not provided so sheets, duvet (and covers) pillow (and covers) and mattress toppers are required by all students. Email us the details of your issue including house address, room number and your name, together with a description of the problem and pictures. Of course, we want you to feel like the house is your home. Please first ask our permission and we request that any paint work is done with neutral colours.

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