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Coniston Hall University is not just about subject specialisation but also about broadening your outlook and opening up new horizons. Coniston Hall is just the place for you! A spacious, independent, catered hall of residence for female students which offers first-class accommodation in individual study rooms for a home away from home. The ethos of the Hall is based on the traditional idea of a University: to create an atmosphere of enquiry, independence and openness.

read more › At Coniston Hall, we aim to provide first class accommodation for female students, where study is a high priority, and the educational experience of university life is complemented in a climate of friendship, solidarity and mutual respect. To provide good quality accommodation for young women at university, within a pleasant environment. To create an atmosphere of intellectual enquiry and encourage stimulating discussion by means of seminars and cultural activities aimed at broadening perspectives.

read more › Coniston Hall's management team is made up of graduates who are familiar with the challenges and dynamics of college life and so can respond to the needs of students with flexibility and insight. Coniston is serviced by Ashley Training Centre, another project of the Ashley Educational Trust, offering hospitality training at NVQ level and run by top professionals. One of the first things that people notice when they come to Coniston is its cleanliness. Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and the bed linen and towels are provided and changed regularly.

read more › Coniston is very lively and friendly, it feels like a second family away from home. The hall offers a wide range of activities that leave no room for being lonely or homesick. The environment leads one to interact with other students from different countries. The meals are fantastic, the rooms are very comfortable (cleaning is done daily), the study atmosphere perfect. Definitely your money's worth! Coniston is certainly the place to come if you need a suitable place to study. Coniston brings together an atmosphere of study and an opportunity to enjoy the student lifestyle.

read more › Going to university can be a wonderful life-changing experience. It is a time of discovery about yourself and about the world around you. Living in a place like Coniston Hall draws out the necessary qualities for living and working together with people from very diverse backgrounds. Coniston Hall is a place for forging deep friendships and it provides a fantastic study environment. Coniston Hall has provided many students with lasting experiences and has encouraged them to aspire to achieve all their ambitions.

read more › Coniston has been recently refurbished and offers accommodation in individual study rooms. The bedrooms are spacious, with lots of natural light and good central heating. We also have larger en-suite rooms which are available on request. Bed linen, duvets and towels are provided and laundered as part of the service we offer. Our computer room is open 24-hours with internet access from your own laptop or using one of our PCs. But an environment is more than just physical facilities. Coniston is a rich mix of students from all the main universities and colleges in Manchester.

read more › At Coniston we have a tradition of monthly lectures given by society leaders and inspirational professionals. We welcomed Mayor Andy Burnham to Coniston Hall in November, and his insightful talk provided food for thought for all those considering careers in Politics or social affairs. Other recent speakers have included Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Dr Karl McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer in Spanish, Languages, Linguistics and TESOL at Manchester Metropolitan University and professional interpreter, Dr Dmytro Kundys, of University of Manchester School of Physics and Astronomy, the Graphene Institute.

read more › Students from Coniston Hall are supported and encouraged to engage with local volunteering opportunities, and even to develop their own, e.g. For projects with young people, we have found that a key factor underlying the success of programmes is the motivational inspiration that university students provide as role models for younger people. University students can bring a wealth of skills and experiences. Examples of current volunteering opportunities include involvement with neighbouring activities-based Ashley youth club, and a Spanish homework club at a local school.

read more › For those who are interested, Coniston also offers pastoral care imbued with a Christian ethos. The religious formation is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Opus Dei helps ordinary men and women live human and Christian virtues in and through their everyday work and family life. Students have the opportunity to access pastoral care, discover a deeper meaning to their studies, and find out more about the Catholic faith. The Chaplain of the residence celebrates Holy Mass regularly and is available for spiritual guidance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

read more › Manchester is a unique historic city which changed the world by being the first industrialised city - the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Manchester is surrounded by beautiful hills and countryside: the Lake District, the Peak District and mountains of North Wales. You will enjoy visiting lush green beauty spots that Britain is proud of. If you want to practise speaking English, Coniston Hall in Manchester is the place for you. We have young, first class university graduates to teach you at your personal level and to your needs.

read more › Keep in touch with old friends and find out the latest news by joining Coniston Alumni (Facebook group here). We would love to hear from you! The 25th anniversary celebrations went down a treat, with familiar faces descending on Coniston to relive memories and catch up. Most of you are aware of the refurbishment of Coniston Hall which took place a number of years ago now. We are continuing to raise funds for owning charity AET so that they can continue paying off the refurbishment costs. We know that Coniston is a great place, and to help keep it that way we invite you to donate here.

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